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Thrilled that the German version of one of my flashes (“Versteckte Frucht”) from my novella in flash Romeo & Julia in Corona was exhibited from 18 May to 15 August in Vienna‘s Art History Museum. The original English was created in Nancy Stohlman’s 2020 flash nano class and inspired by PCs für Alle. The German was cleaned up by Regina K. of PCs für Alle. Romeo & Julia in Corona is available as a Flo Do Books bilingual novelette in flash from the Flo Do Bookshop and the Amazons. All proceeds go to PCs für Alle.

My antifa novelette in flash, Winds of Change, is now available from all the Amazons in paperback and eBook formats. Paperbacks are also available directly from the Flo Do Books shop.

An insightful review of All the Beautiful Liars in the UK Yorkshire Times.

2022 will be an exciting year! So pleased to have been entrusted with bringing miniatures by Günther Kaip to an English-language readership, and work by Vanessa Gebbie and  Lynn Roberts to a German-language one.

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